What’s open, closed and limited under L.A. County’s new stay-at-home order

Citing a recent spike in COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, L.A. County health officials issued another safer-at-home order effective Monday.

While less stringent than the one issued in March, the directive will be the strictest in California, which had already prohibited nonessential activities in much of the state—including L.A. County—between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. every day through Dec. 21.

The county’s new restrictions will be implemented through Dec. 20. Here’s what Angelenos can expect over the next three weeks:

Restaurants, breweries and wineries

County health officials already shut down outdoor dining on Nov. 25, noting that diners not wearing facial coverings during their visit means higher chances of transmitting the coronavirus. The city of Pasadena has its own health department and has decided to allow outdoor dining to continue.

In the rest of L.A. County, restaurants will remain open for pickup, delivery and takeout along with wineries and breweries, which can also offer retail sale at 20% occupancy.

Food vendors with health permits can offer meals for takeout or delivery, but no tables or chairs will be allowed for dining onsite.

Other businesses, libraries and museums

Every person at the following sites will have to wear face coverings and keep at least 6 feet from others. The businesses must limit their maximum occupancy:

Essential retail: 35%Non-essential retail, including indoor malls: 20%Personal care services, including salons and tattoo and massage parlors: 25%. Services must be offered by appointment only and those that require removing facial coverings are not allowed.Libraries: 20%Fitness centers operating outdoors: 50%. Patrons may not remove facial coverings during exercise, except while swimming.Museums, galleries, zoos, aquariums and botanical gardens operating outdoors: 50%Mini-golf, batting cages and go-kart racing operating outdoors: 50%

Cardrooms will have to close.

Outdoor recreation

Beaches, trails and parks will remain open, but gatherings are limited to people from one household.

Outdoor playgrounds —except at child care centers and schools— will still be inaccessible, along with fitness equipment and indoor centers and restrooms, according to L.A. County Parks and Recreation. No team play is allowed.

Drive-in movies, parades and other car events are permitted as long as people belonging to the same household stay inside their vehicles.

TEMPORARY CLOSURES EFFECTIVE MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30 Due to the temporary Safer at Home order, #LACOUNTYPARKS is making updates to some amenities to help prevent the spread of #COVID19 Playgrounds will be closed temporarily What’s Open/Limited/Closed pic.twitter.com/xkOmXbjYYE— Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation (@lacountyparks) November 29, 2020


Day care and schools that have welcomed students, such us those that have received waivers or are offering specialized classes, can stay open while following health protocols.

If there’s an outbreak of three cases or more over two weeks, they must close for 14 days.

Playgrounds at child care centers and schools can also remain open.

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