Sainted: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your donation saved my life. Literally

I was the recent beneficiary of two pints of blood at United Hospital where I was admitted due to severe anemia. I have also received blood in the past when I was struggling with leukemia.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, to those who donate blood. You have literally saved my life and the lives of many others.
I hope your example will encourage others to roll up their sleeves as well, as donors are currently a small portion of the total population.
Christine Hope, St. Paul
Sainted and Tainted
Sainted to the generous people who made donations to the “Toys for Tots” box in the Hastings Cub store.
Tainted to the person or persons who failed to pick up the donations in the Toys for Tots box and see that they were distributed. Second year in a row we have witnessed this failure.
Joe and Cheryl Darwin, Hastings
I wish to thank my guardian angel, Mr. T., for all the assistance he as given me since the pandemic hit Minnesota.
He has taken time out of his personal busy schedule to take me grocery shopping so I don’t have to do it with a grocery cart and city buses. If I need only a few things he picks them up and brings them to me.
He has really been the only person I have had contact with since the pandemic arrived.
Thank you, Mr. T., for all you have done for me.
Mary Sporer, St. Paul
Sainted to Letter-to-the-Editor writer Nora Cavallo of Woodbury Middle School (“Take precautions so we can go back to school and learn,” Dec. 16) for so succinctly stating the hopes of countless students to return to school to learn better.
As a veteran of 50+ years of teaching in St. Paul and North St. Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale schools, I can empathize with her and with her classmates.
By following the CDC guidelines stringently, this goal should be achievable earlier.
Keep the faith, and this, too, should pass, for the benefit of everyone.
Jim Dickhausen, Oakdale
Tainted to the city of St Paul for the response to last week’s snowfall. Headed out around 4 p.m. a day later and it took 40 minutes to go south on White Bear Avenue from Maryland to I-94. Icy intersections and heavy traffic. Then the exit to go south on Highway 52 near Seventh Street was again icy and I was rear-ended. My car and the other driver were OK but not our cars. It’s also only 15 mph there.
Always hear that chemicals won’t work as well when it’s colder, but sand would have. Frustration because Maplewood, Shoreview, etc., were much better.
The suburbs should not have a better track record than our big city of St Paul!
Louise Schostek, St Paul
I would like to thank the two Good Samaritans who dug me out of a snowbank over by Como on Saturday, Dec. 26.
I was so flustered I didn’t even get your names.
But, thank you sincerely.
Bless you.
May your kind deed be rewarded multiple times.
Tilia Winkels, St. Paul
Officials at the State Fair should be Sainted for brightening up the end of a bleak year with a dazzling family-oriented light show.
As with the food fare late this summer, they showed how the Fairgrounds can be used creatively to help overcome an otherwise Tainted 2020.
Marshall H. Tanick, Minneapolis
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