Could Jets’ Adam Gase or Sam Darnold join the Patriots next season?

Could one franchise’s trash really become the Patriots’ treasure?
The Jets are expected to cut ties with head coach Adam Gase next week, and quarterback Sam Darnold may follow him out the door after an underwhelming start to his career since being drafted third overall in 2018. Darnold’s contract has one year remaining, provided New York (or his next team) doesn’t pick up his fifth-year option. The Jets will be 2-13 heading into Foxboro for Sunday’s regular-season finale, where they’ll meet another franchise at a crossroads.
So might Gase and Darnold just stay in town?
This season, it’s been revealed Pats coach Bill Belichick has a budding personal relationship with Gase, who worked under offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels when McDaniels was the head coach in Denver.  Belichick initiated that relationship by contacting Gase after he was fired by the Dolphins two years ago to discuss his future plans. More recently, Belichick offered unprompted praise for Gase’s ability to coach quarterbacks Wednesday during his weekly press conference.
The Patriots will need a new quarterback and quarterbacks coach in 2021.
“(Darnold)’s being well-coached,” Belichick said. “I know he’s getting good coaching and has a good system that works through the quarterback. Adam’s always had an offensive system that really gave the quarterbacks all the opportunities to have tools that they need to be successful. I don’t think you could have anybody better coaching him than where he’s at.”
Of course, given their lack of success the past two seasons, it’s unlikely Gase and Darnold would come as a packaged deal. Furthermore, Gase, if hired, would need to learn the Patriots’ system, especially if McDaniels doesn’t accept a head-coaching job this offseason. If McDaniels does, perhaps Gase takes his old job and is allowed to make tweaks to the offense, with no obvious in-house replacement for McDaniels.
The counterargument to a Gase addition is simple and statistical: the Jets rank last in scoring offense at 15.3 points per game. They ranked second-worst last season at 17.3 points per game. Gase is 9-22 in New York and has only one winning season as a head coach from … 2016.
Darnold’s statistical case is similarly underwhelming. He’s completed 59.6% of his career passes and thrown 44 touchdowns to 37 interceptions. He’s fired one more pick that touchdown this season, when he’s been armed with more experience and system understanding than ever before. In an era when playing quarterback has arguably never been easier, those numbers can’t all be explained by a poor working environment.
But injuries have interfered with Darnold’s development, and a poor supporting cast will put a ceiling on any quarterback’s numbers. (See: Newton, Cam)
Plus, the Patriots can’t thumb their nose at a stalled passer like Darnold because they’re far closer to being beggars than choosers. They own the fifth-worst scoring offense in the NFL and a completely impotent passing attack. Darnold would immediately step into their quarterbacks room as the most natural passer with the greatest long-term potential.
Belichick seems to like him.
“I think he’s shown the ability to do everything. The consistency has looked better in recent weeks, so I don’t think there’s any shortage of talent there and playmaking ability. … He’s an athletic guy that has great size, a big arm, is hard to tackle in the pocket,” Belichick said Wednesday. “Good prospect.”
Though not good enough for the Jets, who should have their pick of passers with No. 2 overall pick in this year’s draft after presumed top prospect Trevor Lawrence. But could Darnold be good enough for the Patriots?
Only the offseason will tell.

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